gemini; The duality theory release date
I was planning on releasing "Gemini; the Duality Theory" instrumental EP sometime in early new years of 2017, but after thinking it through I thought it would only be right to release it during summer when it's actually gemini season.. Not sure of the exact date, maybe my birthday? Mostly all the beats are finished and chosen, maybe a few need to be mixed and/or mastered but I'm excited to share it with you guys.
*UPDATE 9/8/17*
The Projects release date for "Gemini; The Duality Theory" has been pushed back and as of now no official release date has been chosen due to issues of trying to have it available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. I just want to make sure the project will be at its fullest potential and I do not want to rush it by any means ( I have been busy with things outside of music and I feel like I should make sure the project is top notch quality, I also want to add a few more tracks. Sorry for the delay, but it will be well worth it.)

 If you are not familiar with the project's idea/theme you can hear about it in the video below on my last post. I did however release "Mellow Crunk" instrumental tape in late November for free. You can find it under the projects page on this site. You have to individually click each song all the way to the right on the playlist next to the "like" or "heart" button. Scroll over the "..." to get the download option for each track. Soon I will upload it to media fire or a similar site so it can be downloaded as a whole without a specific site account. I was not aware of the soundcloud downloading process. I will release 1-2 more beat tapes and maybe one mix before I drop Duality. Thanks for all the support I get! I see my soundcloud slowly but surely gaining plays (currently at 6k after 5 months of actually utilizing it) and my instagram stays getting love. Thanks for all the kind comments and support you guys are the best and I will be sure to bring you audible pleasure. Til next time stay positive and dodge the fake bs and bad vibrations. PEACE.

- Mark K (3:33 AM 03/02/2017)
New Website & new youtube channel
Welcome to my new website! (I'll eventually get a shorter url like my old website address but I'm having issues renewing it unfortunately; I'll get a .org or .net if I have to.) Check out the video below regarding my new youtube channel and why I had to make a new one.
expect to see a lot of content on this site in the near future. Please keep up w/ me on all social media (links above) and I will keep you guys posted on what is to come, til then stay postive and be blessed. Good vibrations and peace.
- Mark K (12:09 AM 11/15/2016)

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