Instrumentality (1st BEAT TAPE) - FREE

(my first beat tape released on 10/11/2011 DOWNLOAD LINKS: / all tracks were produced by Mark K of mark k muzik / AM:PM Inc. © Copyright 2011 BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) Always Making Product Movement Inc. **IMPORTANT** the beats on this free project may be used by artists after downloading ONLY FOR PROMOTIONAL / NON COMMERCIAL USE. you may NOT use these instrumentals for profitable use; example: using beats from this project for a song(s) then selling the song or selling the project (album/mixtape/etc) that contains the song using any of these beats Exclusive rights for all beats on this project are still owned by Mark Kempf of Mark K Muzik / AM:PM Inc. (with the exception of these tracks: #'s 1,3,5,7,9,12 because they've been purchased exclusively)

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